VA Scandal: 4 Quit After OK Veteran Dies With Maggots in Wound

"This is not a puzzling situation," Lucas declared. "The answer to this never-ending nightmare is strong accountability and choice measures. VA employees should be held to the highest performance standards possible, and veterans should be empowered to go outside the VA if the VA is failing them."

Nevertheless, Lucas expressed optimism. "With a new Congress, a new president-Elect, and soon, a new VA secretary, there is finally a promising opportunity to turn things around."

This optimism should not be surprising, as Pete Hegseth, former CEO of CVA, is on the short list for President-elect Trump's VA secretary. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are also rumored to be in the running.

Even if the new administration carries some promise for VA reform, these tragedies cannot be reversed. Let us mourn with the victims and press for accountability to end the long cycle of abuse.