Navy Vet's House Torched in Florida, Vandalized with Anti-Trump Graffiti

Also very odd, a teacher in San Antonio allowed high school kids to stage a mock assassination of Donald Trump in the classroom. The San Francisco teachers' union offered an anti-Trump lesson plan for schoolchildren. And Southern Methodist University disinvited the daughter of a fallen Dallas police officer to hit the honorary first serve in a volleyball game because in light of the election of Donald Trump, her presence was somehow deemed "insensitive."

The left is not taking the election of Donald Trump very well at all.

When Republicans lose elections, they look inward and try to assess what they did wrong. When Democrats lose, they double down on their mistakes, blame their loss on poor messaging, and demonize the people who didn't vote for them. In too many cases, their minions are taking it to the next level with vandalism, arson, and physical attacks.