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Professor Creates List of 'Fake News' Sites and Includes Prominent Conservative Outlets

The Huffington Post, which is essentially Clickhole for faux intellectuals, probably publishes more bias-induced falsehood in an hour than the above three sites combined might accidentally post in a year, isn't on the list. As I write this, here is the sidebar on HuffPo's front page (click to enlarge):


Real click-bait free, Pulitzer-level journalism there, no?

Professor Hitler's Mustache wants to remove all legitimacy from right-leaning opinions. She and her ilk have been doing this for decades, of course, they just used to be more stealthy about it. The last eight years have emboldened them, but they've been exposed to a more discerning audience in the process.

Maybe now we can begin the fight to stop having stupid people "teach" our kids.