Harry Reid's Top 25 Verbal Faux Pas

1. In March of 2013, Reid shamelessly politicized the horrific accident that killed eight Marines in Nevada. Reid had suggested that the training accident was caused by "sequester" cuts, infuriating Marine Corps officials. A Marine Corps official told reporter Jim Miklaszewski at NBC that he considered Dingy’s words to be “nothing but pure political posturing on the backs of these fallen Marines."

2. Reid called President Bush "a liar who betrayed Nevada and betrayed the country” in December 2004.

3. Reid called President Bush a “loser” to a captive audience of high school kids in a civics class a few months after Bush's second inauguration in 2005.

4. In April 2007, Reid declared the Iraq War to be lost before the surge was even fully operational, demoralizing troops on the ground. Our brave troops would go on to win the war (until Obama withdrew all the troops, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory), proving Dingy’s eulogy to be devastatingly premature.

5. In 2012, Reid told the Huffington Post that Romney’s “poor father must be so embarrassed about his son.” Reid then went on to claim -- while providing zero evidence -- that Romney went a decade without paying any taxes.

6. Reid continued with his verbal antics about Romney's taxes on the Senate floor, saying: “The word’s out that (Romney) hasn’t paid any taxes for ten years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.”

Well, the word was only out because Reid had made it up. Mitt Romney would go on to release enough of his taxes to prove that he had been paying them for the past ten years, demonstrating once again that Dingy Harry is a contemptible liar.

7. In a 2015 interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Reid not only refused to apologize for making the bogus claim, he defended it as having been a good tactic: "Romney didn't win, did he?"

8. In August of 2009, he called tea partiers “evil-mongers.”

9. Reid said he was happy about the new Capitol Visitor Center because it meant he wouldn’t have to “smell the tourists” filling up the Capitol in the summer: “In the summertime, because (of) the high humidity and how hot it gets here, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.”

10. Reid declared to the Reno Gazette-Journal in September of 2009 that Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death was “going to help” Democrats pass Obamacare.