Stop the H8: 5 Recent Examples of Anti-Trump Violence

4. As reported here at PJ Media, a man in Chicago was brutally assaulted by a group of thugs in Chicago last week, after he admitted that he voted for Trump.


viral video shows an altercation on the West Side of Chicago that started out as a fender-bender, but escalated into a sickening episode of racial and political violence as the attackers pummeled the poor man, and taunted him for voting for Trump.

David Wilcox, 49, said when he got out of the car to exchange insurance after his car got side swiped, "the African American at the bus stop said, 'yeah, that's one of those white boy Trump supporters.' And I said, what does that have to do with this accident? I just want to exchange insurance." He continued, "the next thing I know, the guy said, 'don't worry about it because we're going to beat his ass.' And then punches were thrown. And the next thing I know, I have five people on me, I fell to the ground, I was kicked in the head ... They were in my car stealing all my stuff ... I tried going to the car, I got hit some more," he said.

According to Democratic strategist Symone Sanders, Wilcox apparently deserved what he got because he's white. Sanders mocked and dismissed the beaten Trump supporter on CNN Monday. In a discussion about alleged pro-Trump violence,  Republican Carl Higbie noted that there is violence on both sides.

“What do you say to the people who dragged a poor white guy out of a car and beat him?” asked Higbie.

“Oh my goodness, poor white people! Please!” Sanders responded. “Oh my– stop. Stop, Carl.”

“That’s not protesting!” Higbie said. “Dragging someone out of their car are beating them is not protesting.”

Sanders didn’t seem so sure of that. “There has never been an acceptable form of protest…” she responded. “We can’t call for people to be peaceful when the rhetoric that has been used is not peaceful, when people don’t feel peaceful in their home.”

Thanks for giving us that glimpse into the progressive mind, Symone. It was very enlightening.