Stop the H8: 5 Recent Examples of Anti-Trump Violence

3. A California high school student was beaten for supporting Trump:

Viewer discretion advised for disturbing violence toward a minor:

Jade Armenio, a student at Woodside High School in California, was physically assaulted because … she supported Donald Trump for president.

Jade said she was approached by a student who told her that “you support Trump, you hate Mexicans.”

According to KRON-4 Armenio responded “I said no I do not and she said I wanna do it and I said you want to do what? And she threw me to the floor, pulled out my hair, ripped out my earrings, kicked me inside of the head, kicked me in the stomach, punched me in the nose.”

Jade’s mother said her daughter’s “got Mexican friends […] she’s got black friends.”

“We’re not racist and have never been racist and nobody, nobody should beat somebody up because of that. So if that’s her reasoning, I’m appalled.”