WikiLeaks: Clinton Staffer Speechless on How to Address Bill's Sexual History

This is a routine political tactic — doing "opposition research" on your own candidate in order to anticipate others' attacks and prepare your responses in advance. This is campaigning 101, and when Donald Trump refused to do it, that was news.

Nevertheless, Podesta's lack of a response and Sullivan's speechlessness on the issue suggest the campaign had not thoroughly prepared for attacks on these issues, which would be a serious error in judgment.

The Clinton campaign seems to dismiss questions about Bill Clinton's sexual history as irrelevant to his wife's presidential bid. This fails to dismiss many concerns, since Hillary Clinton herself led the effort to silence Bill's old accusers. Indeed, when Juanita Broaddrick (one of Bill's accusers) sent a viral tweet attacking Hillary's duplicity, the "right to be believed" language mysteriously disappeared from the campaign website.

No, Mrs. Clinton, your husband's sexual indiscretions — and the way you enabled them by covering up for him — are a very legitimate issue in this campaign. Both Clinton and Trump have sordid records on sexual abuse, and that is one huge reason why a moral man like Evan McMullin stands out in this race. Media bias may emphasize Trump's errors and minimize Clinton's, but both are legitimate issues, as this email makes abundantly clear.

Klain's concern that Bill Clinton's past could hurt Hillary Clinton's presidential chances was not baseless, and Podesta's lack of a response raises further issues. Why did the campaign not have a clear, simple answer to this question?