Megyn Kelly’s Feminist Bias

The dustup between Kelly and Gingrich wasn’t about Gingrich’s “anger issues,” as Kelly said, nor was it about media bias per se. It was about feminist bias. Feminist bias is an arm of liberal bias. It’s the same idea, but it is specific to gender issues.

Any feminist with clout is part of the feminist elite. This group’s entire worldview—about men, sex, work, marriage, motherhood and politics—is fueled by feminist dogma, and they’re convinced their beliefs aren’t up for debate.

On the contrary, their beliefs are right, good, and fair—beliefs any normal person would support. When these beliefs are challenged, the horns come out. That’s what happens with Megyn Kelly.

If you think I’m exaggerating my case, watch carefully the next time another member of the feminist elite, such as Sheryl Sandberg, comes on Kelly’s program to discuss—what else?—empowerment for women. There are no hardballs thrown. There’s no journalism going on. It’s a love fest.

In 2003, Bernard Goldberg opened America’s eyes with his groundbreaking book Bias. Bill O’Reilly did the same with his book Culture Warrior. Thirteen years later, most people understand there’s a culture war in America and that media bias runs deep.

But feminist bias goes unrecognized, or at least unnamed.

Perhaps it’s time we changed that.