Media Suddenly Very Interested in Evan McMullin

This isn't quite as unrealistic as you may think. Remember, it was The New York Times that really got the ball rolling on Hillary's email scandal, even before she announced her candidacy. The Times has continued to cover the story in a fairly in-depth fashion, providing plenty of information about the timeline and the ever-changing story.

For those who need some context about just how far the Times is usually in the tank for the Democrats when it comes to presidential elections, the following flashback tale should do the trick. Early in the 2008 cycle, when John Edwards had his eye on the nomination, the paper received credible information about an affair he was having while his wife was dying. They refused to run it, opting instead to run a completely fabricated story about an affair of John McCain's. The ran the piece about the affair that McCain never had on the very same day they turned down the Edwards story, by the way.

The Clinton email scandal reporting is some of the most honest the Times has ever done. Shockingly honest, in fact, for those of us who have spent a lot of time on the media bias watch. It was the FBI that dropped the ball (under instructions from President Obama and the DOJ no doubt) on this one. It's almost as if the Times was working overtime to make sure all the info was there for an indictment.

So what if they and the rest of the media are as angst-ridden over Hillary Clinton as so many conservatives and Republicans are over Donald Trump? Because the Democrats of the modern era are better at projecting a united front, they aren't allowed to say anything about the angst.

In this most ridiculous of elections, maybe even the upper echelon of the leftmedia wouldn't mind seeing this thing go to the House. Perhaps the lawlessness of Mrs. Bill and the recklessness of Donnie Boy are making the quiet, mostly unknown McMullin look good even to some leftists. There's no politically logical reason for them to want him to become president, but the fact that he doesn't give off a "Fatal Attraction"/boil-the-bunny vibe might be enough.

OK, maybe I do think it's crazy.

Crazy is having a busy year though.