Trump Doesn't Get to Call Republicans Disloyal

All this time since Trump secured the nomination, those in the Never Trump crowd have been saddled with the accusation that we're "working for Hillary" or "helping the Democrats" or such. That's never been true, as a vital aspect of the Never Trump conviction has always been supporting the down-ticket candidates and preserving the party's credibility for future cycles. But now Trump and his insurgent traitors are actually doing what they've accused the Never Trump crowd of! They're actually working to help the Democrats secure majorities in the House and Senate, and thus helping the forthcoming President Hillary advance her agenda.

This is not a new phenomenon. Trump's campaign has always been to spite and undermine the broader Republican Party. It was never about working as a party against the Democrats, which is why all the arguments about "stopping Hillary" have been plainly disingenuous garbage. If Trump or his followers cared about beating Democrats, they would be working to save the down-ballot races. If Trump cared about beating Democrats, he'd step aside. This has never been about beating Democrats. It has always been about serving the ego of Donald Trump and throwing an anti-governing tantrum. It is utterly pathetic.