UN 'Experts' Argue U.S. Owes Reparations to Blacks

I live in the Deep South, and just in my lifetime I've seen a lot of "truth and reconciliation" happening. We faced our racially charged demons and, in a lot of ways, pushed past them. There's been a lot of work toward those ends...only without forcing people who were never slave owners to pay money to people who have never been slaves.

All that work, however, has been undone by the last eight years of "racial healing" under the direction of our first black president.

Yep, we're still so racist that a black man got elected to the highest office in this land. Twice.

The UN poking their noses in isn't likely to help the current situation either.  Instead, it will be touted as proof that the United States is some kind of habitual human-rights abuser rather than a nation that has put that history behind it.

This is yet more proof that the UN is a waste of time and money.