'Feminist' Study: Objective Truth, Scientific Method Are Sexist

Parson's "feminist view" is actually a form of relativism that has damaged students' understanding of various fields of knowledge, mostly in ways that do not have immediate consequences, as it would in the STEM fields. In various "studies" majors across the nation, students are taught to focus on the ideas and struggles of particular groups and to ignore or vilify the civilization to which they owe their unprecedented prosperity.

Western civilization is considered sexist, racist, homophobic, and generally prejudiced, and therefore its history and ideas must be deconstructed on those terms. The STEM fields have allowed this disease to spread among the Humanities, thinking that science and technology would always be immune. How could something so manifestly beneficial to all as engineering be deconstructed as inherently sexist, racist, or homophobic? Well, Parson shows us how, and demonstrates that no field of knowledge is truly safe from the Social Justice Warriors of the mind.

Parson's paper attacks even mundane things like stylistic choices — command words like "will" and "must" — as inherently masculine and anti-woman. She examines syllabi, and voila! — they have these "sexist" words. Yes, that's because a syllabus is by nature a set of instructions about a certain class. As Reason.com's Robby Soave put it, "a syllabus is not a negotiation," it's a roadmap. Does Parson attack Google Maps as sexist because it orders the user to "turn here" or "make a U-turn"? Please.

Nevertheless, this "feminist" attacks such language for creating "a competitive, difficult, chilly climate" which "marginalizes women." Does that mean women aren't able to compete in a difficult climate? Imagine what Hillary Clinton would do to Donald Trump if he made this argument with a straight face.

One of my close friends in college was a plucky 18-year-old girl who graduated High School early. She majored in Math and went on to make an impressive salary at Boeing. She believed in objective truth, and that belief was central to her success in fields often dominated by men. Would Parson consider her a sex traitor?

Parson has the nerve to call herself a "feminist" when her argument boils down to "women can't compete in math and science because the very idea of objective truth is sexist." We live in a truly fascinating and terrifying era where the worst excesses of the old racism and misogyny are being reintroduced in the name of equality and civil rights. Black students fight against integration, against the idea of having white roommates. Colleges host openly racist RA trainings. "Feminists" argue that women can't do science.