FBI Bombshells: Clinton Didn't Recognize Classified Markings; Had 13 Mobile Devices

The FBI also found that State Department employees were sent a notice on Clinton’s behalf in 2011 warning them against using personal email for official business because of “information security concerns.”

State employees were cautioned about security and records retention concerns regarding the use of personal e-mail. In 2011, a notice to all State employees was sent on Clinton’s behalf, which recommended employees avoid conducting State business from personal e-mail accounts due to information security concerns,” the documents released Friday state. “Clinton stated she did not recall this specific notice, and she did not recall receiving any guidance from State regarding e-mail policies outlines in the State [Foreign Affairs Manual].

And yet somehow, from all of this, FBI Director Comey failed to see any "criminal intent" in her actions. Ace of Spades has had enough: "Impeach James Comey!" he says.

The FBI files on Clinton were released in response to multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. There were reports earlier this week that the FBI would release the documents as early as Wednesday, but shockingly enough, the Bureau settled on today -- a Friday afternoon before the start of a busy Labor Day weekend.

Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch appeared on Fox Business to discuss the FBI's Hillary files.

"Any other federal government employee with a clearance would have been polygraphed under these circumstances," Farrell said, adding that Clinton's answers were absolutely unbelievable and an insult to the intelligence to the American people. He characterized Director Comey's decision not to indict Clinton as "disgraceful."