Colin Kaepernick Wears Practice Socks Mocking Police

Kaepernick risks nothing by sitting for the anthem. In fact, he is lionized for his stance among players and the major media. Those opponents who dare speak out against his "protest" are shouted down. But his wearing of socks that show solidarity with Black Lives Matter's poisonous rhetoric against the police should get him booted out of the league.

When even the Democrats think that BLM is "radical," you know to steer clear. But Kaepernick is too stupid to fully grasp the notion that BLM activists are not heroes and are not trying to change things. They are nihilists out to tear everything down -- and urge the killing of police to further that goal.

Update: Kaepernick responds to criticism of his socks:

What a load of crap. He still doesn't explain how socks showing a pig with a cop's hat don't disrespect police. In effect, he has no explanation -- just more bull about how bad police are.