Charlize Theron: HIV Transmitted by 'Sexism,' 'Racism.' NOT Sex

No. Her husband did -- when he fooled around with a hooker in some European port.

Racism and sexism didn't give AIDS to the white male patients I worked with, either. Where was their privilege, Charlize?

Nowhere. It didn't exist because this disease doesn't care about progressive politics.

AIDS kills whoever it can. It doesn't care about skin color, gender, or whether you sexually identify as a one-eyed flounder named Larry. It doesn't freaking care. You want something that doesn't discriminate and never will? It's HIV.

Theron's claims should be vigorously opposed in a discussion of this disease. If she wants to air her opinions, go on a social justice crusade? Fine, we'll be happy to point out her arrogance and stupidity.