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D.C. Restaurants Lose 1,400 Jobs Amid Minimum Wage Increase

Here is a graph to help visualize the minimum wage effects in Washington, D.C.

Conservatives have long argued that increasing the minimum wage would actually hurt the very workers such a measure is intended to help. Businesses would be unable to hire as many workers, and many would instead opt to replace costly employees with automated equipment.

A recent study by the Heritage Foundation's James Sherk found that a nation-wide minimum wage hike to $15 per hour would cost 9 million jobs across the country. Some states would be harder hit than others. Populous states would suffer more: California, for instance, would lose 981,000 jobs, while Texas would lose 986,000, and Florida would lose 727,000. Even less populous states , such as Colorado (111,000 jobs) and Louisiana (214,000 jobs), would suffer a great deal. Washington, D.C., would lose 11,000, as would Vermont. Virginia would lose 221,000 jobs, while Maryland would lose 115,000.

But don't take Sherk's word for it — look at what's already happening in the nation's capital. The next time you see "Fight for $15," think of the 1,400 restaurant workers out of a job. That's the kind of change I don't want to believe in.