Shapiro: Trump's Plan B Could Be a 'New Media Empire' With Stephen Bannon, Roger Ailes, and Sean Hannity

Shapiro's suggestion that, in the case of a November defeat, Trump could use his high-profile media supporters to set up "a new media empire" echoes a suggestion I made last July. A little over a year ago, I explained that there are many reasons to run for president — some of them economic.

As New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman pointed out, the 2016 GOP seemed like "less of a political party and more like a talent agency for the conservative media industry." Every candidate received free hours of TV, radio, and internet attention. Many of them started the race with book deals, and a few of them ended the race with close contacts with the eventual nominee, Donald Trump.

A year ago, I noted that each losing candidate would have marketable value as a pundit, radio host, or author. I never dreamed that the same thing could be true of the eventual nominee. Then, the Republican prospects for victory this November seemed bright — now that's less the case.

So, buckle up. If Shapiro's right, we haven't seen the last of Donald Trump. Indeed, it's likely we've barely seen the beginning.