College Removes Historical Paintings That Might Traumatize Students

Of course, the hysteria just keeps coming.

Meyer claims his decision is strictly business and isn’t about trying to be politically correct.

You see, Meyer believes that Native American students won't attend a school with paintings that depict historical times of unpleasantness. Honestly, if any students are that fragile, is college really the place for them?

Frankly, if that were the case, why would any black students attend Virginia Military Institute? The college has a diversity on par with other colleges throughout the nation and also regularly has cadets participate in a reenactment of a battle in the Civil War, one in which the cadets of that era fought for the Confederacy while still in school.

These crybully protests, and the colleges caving in afterward, are having an impact on the bottom line for many schools. After all, alumni donations are a nice chunk of change for many schools, and when tradition is upset, the alumni may stop giving. It's happened before, so why should UW-Stout be any different?