CNN Host Called on U.S. Flag Bearer at Olympics to Step Aside for Muslim Fencer

Bell is someone who is so married to the notion of diversity as an end in and of itself that he is oblivious to how that skews his worldview. The point that Phelps has already won enough accolades and should step aside so someone else gets some glory ignores the fact that Phelps was elected by the rest of the American team to carry the flag. Only someone so besotted with ideological fervor would think that this singular honor should be passed up just to bend the knee to the idea of diversity.

It's a mindset that believes in income redistribution because some people have "too much" money. Phelps has "too many" advantages so he should injure himself to make a point. What point? That honors and rewards should go to someone not based on their performance, but on the color of their skin, or their religion, or their sex. The subtext is that Phelps got to where he is because he is a white male.

Phelps has worked his entire life to become the most decorated Olympian in U.S. history. It wasn't his race or his sex that got him where he is. It was good old-fashioned all-American hard work. His advantage -- if there is any -- is that he wanted it more than the next guy. That's why this nonsense has no place in athletics -- perhaps the last pure meritocracy on earth. And this galls Bell and his friends because no amount of whining, or shaming, or pouting, or foot stomping will change the fact that after the race is won, no one looks at the color of the winner's skin, only that the winner came in first.

Phelps carried the flag proudly when the U.S. team marched into the Olympic stadium. I'm sure he never gave a thought to giving up an honor he so rightly and deservedly won.