Mainstream Media: 'Trump Boots Baby From Rally!' Non-Media Witnesses: 'That's Pure Propaganda'

Rolling Stone -- Donald Trump Hates Babies: Why Bad Parents Make Bad Presidents:

Trump's supporters were quick to dismiss the moment as a joke. But joke or not (it wasn't), it was almost unfathomably cruel. He didn't just humiliate a woman already dealing with the extraordinarily stressful situation of a crying baby in a public forum, he made it clear to a roomful of people he wants to vote for him in November that his needs always, always come first.

Rolling Stone -- having learned nothing about checking multiple sources after Sabrina Erdely almost brought down the company -- not only didn't bother to see if any attendee witnessed the exchange differently, it jumped directly to the type of language that better fits the behavior of ISIS.

The Guardian -- Donald Trump's treatment of a crying baby reveals his total lack of empathy:

For a certain kind of Trump devotee, there’s nothing he can do that will repel them: as he himself has noted, he could stand on Fifth Avenue shooting people and they’d still vote for him.

For others, though, it might play out differently. The most obvious group is women ...

Well, it only "might play out differently" for women because the Guardian really wants it to play out differently for women, and thus attached the despicable headline.

Politico: Trump at rally: 'Get the baby out of here':

Later Tuesday afternoon, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine couldn't help himself from cracking a joke at Trump's expense ...

Politico printed a quote from the opposing vice presidential candidate, didn't bother to print a quote from ... a rally attendee.

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And, with the most unintentionally revealing headline of the whole manufactured incident, here's Mashable:

Why you should care that Donald Trump wanted to kick a baby out of his rally

Folks, with everything you read here on out, remember that objective truth is not the primary motivation of the outlets providing you coverage of this race.

"Making you care" is.

Or, as in this case, making you hate.