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Anti-Semitic SJWs Upset That 'Wonder Woman' Role Given to Israeli Gal Gadot

Not that the SJW children can comprehend that. They're too busy telling us to accept other cultures -- unless that culture doesn't want to be exterminated by Palestinians, apparently.

Here's some advice from a libertarian who can find only a handful of actors he agrees with politically (if that many): Get over it.

Not everyone is going to agree with you, especially when so many of you are batcrap crazy. Learn to turn off your political litmus tests before you watch a movie, or else learn to find alternate forms of entertainment. Based on what I'm seeing, I'd suggest that spending hours on Tumblr might be your speed.

Otherwise, you might watch something you like, but later discover that you disagree with an actor's opinion on what the best color to paint a kitchen is or something.

Let Gadot and the Israelis deal with their own problems and you deal with your own. In the case of SJWs, I suggest you get the help of a good psychologist.

(H/T: Heatst.com)