5 Things You Should Know About the FBI Hearing With James Comey

3. There was "no double standard."

During the hearing, Comey argued that his decision not to prosecute Clinton for her email scandal is not a "double standard," because any government employee caught being this "extremely careless" would be punished but not prosecuted. There is no double standard because Clinton is no longer in public service, so she could not be punished with a demotion or some other work-related punishment. Georgia Republican Congressman Jody Hice noted that Comey admitted Clinton was extremely careless and put national security at risk, saying that "the American people are reasonably irate." He didn't seem to buy Comey's explanation that there was no double standard. Americans will also likely find it hard to accept.

4. The State Department's security culture is lacking, and the FBI is not investigating it.

California Representative Mark DeSaulnier -- a Democrat -- acknowledged that "the security culture of the State Department in general was lacking." Then Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie asked Comey whether it would "require intent for someone to put a secure document into an insecure setting." Comey said it might. Then Massie asked whether someone "down the chain" was being investigated for intent to send secure information on an insecure system, and Comey said they are not investigating anyone on this issue.

5. Does Clinton deserve prison time for lying under oath?

Representative Walker asked another key question. Noting that Clinton made comments under oath which Comey himself said were false, wouldn't she be guilty of lying under oath? Comey said it wasn't clear whether she did it or not (which was odd) but he did admit that "it's a felony that carries years in prison." If you have any doubt about Clinton lying about this issue, watch this video.

Bonus: Who hasn't seen "Hamilton" yet?

Florida Republican Congressman John Mica asked Comey if he had seen the Broadway show "Hamilton." He had not, but he wants to. Mica hadn't seen the play either.