'Welcome to Hell': Cops and Firemen Warn Olympics Visitors Rio Won't Be Safe

Krayewski attacked Britain's The Guardian, which blamed Rousseff's impeachment on a "corruption-tainted Congress," as if this one instance of government corruption does not suggest that government corruption is a pervasive thing in human history.

The power government has, to redistribute welath, to take over industries, to choose winners and loser, to hand out lucrative contracts, that power corrupts government officials, not money spent on their elections. Limiting the ability of people to donate to campaigns limits their ability to exercise political speech but does nothing to curb corruption in government--only limiting the powers of government itself can do that, as many Brazilians are now learning.

When government misallocates resources, leaving police and firefighters high and dry, it can threaten the safety of its people and its reputation across the world. Brazil is already struggling with the Zika virus, as people from across the world plan to attend the Olympics there in August.

Tourists coming for the global sporting events now have a shortage of cops and firefighters to also look forward to, in addition to concerns about the Zika virus. Let's hope Brazil doesn't become even more like Venezuela in the next 38 days...