Senate Dems Ignore Removal of 'Islam,' 'Jihad' from Homeland Security Documents

Haney further added that "by the spring of 2010 we had come to a point that a CVP officer was literally removing information... on Muslim Brotherhood-linked individuals from the text." All this at the same time as "the administration was bringing the very same individuals in to positions of influence to help create and implement our counterterrorism policy both in the domestic arena and in the foreign policy arena, as evidenced in our overt support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Syria."

Haney alleged that these Islamic groups which had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are united by one goal, the spread of Sharia across the world.

The goal, meaning the strategy of the Global Islamic Movement, is based on Qran 2.191-193, and it's quite simple: to establish Sharia law everywhere in the world, including here in America, and there is an organization in the United States that's actively doing that, called the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, a very benign-sounding name but in Arabic [it means] the group of lawyers implementing Sharia law in the United States, which is unconstitutional.

Haney also said that the mosques where Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik attended before the San Bernardino shooting and where Mateen attended before the Orlando shooting were in networks that DHS had files on, and that he was ordered to remove or doctor records about those networks. In other words, the purges that Haney was ordered to commit may be responsible for the government's inability to prevent the San Bernardino and Orlando shootings.

"There's no such thing as a lone-wolf terrorist," Haney argued. The networks connecting terrorists and spreading the ideology of Sharia supremacy are far more integrated with the American government than we think, and this is the truly terrifying part of the War on Terror.

Despite this damning testimony of collusion between Sharia groups and our Department of Homeland Security, none of the Democrat senators who asked questions of the experts addressed a question to Haney about these document purges. Instead, they emphasized how it would be insulting to Christians to refer to the Ku Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church as "radical Christians."

Senator Ted Cruz, who chaired the hearing, blasted the Democrats for ignoring these key facts. "It saddens me that not a single one of my colleagues from the Democratic side of the aisle asked even a skeptical question about that purge," Cruz declared. "The purge that resulted in deleting the word Jihad, from 126 times in the 9/11 report to zero in report after report after report."

"Apparently the Orwellian censorship of law enforcement materials and intelligence materials is not a concern to my colleagues," Cruz damningly concluded.

You can watch the entire hearing online here at C-SPAN.