American Stars Jose Canseco and Lindsay Lohan Make Fools of Themselves With Anti-Brexit Rants

The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing. Lohan begs to differ, however:

And then there is this strange attack on Leave-leader Boris Johnson (a conservative member of parliament), who explained that leaving the EU means a better future for his children. Lohan considers that an immoral argument... and uses it to smear the Palin family at the same time:

That's bad enough, but it gets even worse. Here's Jose Canseco, a man who knows absolutely nothing about European (or British) politics, but who suddenly deems himself a major expert:

No, Jose, capital won't "flee like its pants are on fire." London is one of the major bank hubs in the world, and a Brexit won't change that in the least. In fact, many companies have already made clear they plan to do business as usual regardless of Britain leaving the EU. Oh, and top businessmen firmly believe that Britain will actually "thrive out of the EU." Unlike Canseco, these people actually do know what they're talking about.

In other words, Lohan and Canseco talk nonsense. The good news? They are, at the very least, entertaining. I guess that counts for something.