House Sit-In: A Brief Tutorial on How American Government Works Now

These are not serious people with serious ideas or strategies to get their policies implemented. These are emotional infants who have no respect for the rule of law and who scoff at the rules of the House. They think it's noble to shout down their fellow members of Congress, when in fact, they're subverting the very processes and system of government by which they've gained the civil rights they claim to champion.

Whether this is a publicity stunt (it is) or a serious effort to force Republican back to the table on gun control (it isn't) matters not. These Democrats are playing a dangerous game, undermining the very fabric of our republic. What they are advocating is nothing short of mob rule—he who throws the biggest tantrum gets his way. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan needs to deal with this the way parents of toddlers deal with tantrums—firmly and decisively. What you never, ever do when faced with a tantrum is give in to the demands, whether they're issued by a two-year-old or an aging civil rights leader. Capitulation guarantees more of the emotional blackmail and it will be worse the next time if you reward it. The sooner Ryan shuts this thing down, the better.

Make no mistake. If this mob is allowed to essentially take over the House and these anarchists get their way, we are done as a country. Finished. In a few years we'll all be reminiscing about our once-great country, talking about what a great run we had with this constitutional republic experiment.