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The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed

It matters not whether the beneficiaries -- or victims -- of your collectivist authoritarianism are white. What matters is whether you are a collectivist authoritarian and therefore categorically evil. That is why #NeverTrump conservatives remain indignant toward the Republican presumptive nominee for president, because he personifies a fundamentally un-American and immoral paradigm that is in essence no different than the regressive left.

It has become necessary to parse out interwoven concepts in the immigration debate. When the alt-right talks about maintaining the American way of life, maintaining "who we are," it could be taken to reference a legitimate concern. There does exist a distinctly American way of life which properly ought to be preserved. But it is not defined by race.

The American way of life is defined by philosophy. To be American in the spiritual sense is to affirm "that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." There is nothing racial in that conviction. Anyone, from any background, can adopt it. The proper concern in immigration then is not whether immigrants share a white national origin, but whether they are American in their spiritual destination.

We should note that the whitest and most native member of the alt-right, through their embrace of collectivist authoritarianism, proves less American by merit than the most recent Mexican immigrant who embraces individual liberty. The American nation emerged unique, defined not by its shared ethnic or racial or religious identity, but by its shared allegiance to liberty.