Parents of Fake Hate Crime 'Victim' Apologize

When so much is at stake -- not the least of which is the possibility of someone going to jail for a fake hate crime -- there must be a realization on the other side that the possibility of a hoax cannot be dismissed.

This doesn't mean that you should react any less intensely to real incidents of racial hatred, regardless if the hate is directed at black or white individuals. But like campus feminists screaming "rape," the consequences of accepting at face value the accusation could be so terrible that much greater care than is currently being used should be taken.

It won't happen, of course, It's too much fun to gin up anger and outrage at others to care if any specific accusation of hate is true or not. But perhaps the brainless activists should read a story about a boy, a wolf, and a tragedy that occured when people stopped accepting the boy's story at face value.