Marco Rubio Mocks Media Reporting with Epic Tweetfest

Was this an example of the "liberal media" attacking a conservative? Not really.

Chris Cillizza, the author of the Washington Post article, seemed pleased by the attention drawn to it.

The Washington Post itself reported on the back-and-forth, explicitly stating that "neither The Fix nor anyone else needs to rely on people close to Rubio to report that he won't be joining Trump on the GOP ticket" since "Rubio himself said last week that he doesn't want the job. And Trump said over the weekend that he isn't considering his onetime rival."

The Post further defended Cillizza's reporting, noting that "the unnamed sources in Chris's story simply indicated that Rubio is torn about his next move -- which is pretty apparent." Post reporter Callum Borchers even noted that Rubio "appeared to suggest he might run for president again" during the tweetfest.

When it comes to the old story reporting that Rubio "hates" the Senate, Borchers noted that "the Post's David Fahrenthold never reported that he did." Rather, "Fahrenthold quoted a longtime friend who offered his or her own interpretation of Rubio's sentiments" which was that the senator "had come to hate the Senate, even if he wouldn't explicitly say so."

Borchers concluded his article with the perfect jab. As to Rubio's twitter storm, "I'd say he was testing the journalistic waters for a possible second career, but I don't have a good source on that." Woah -- a journalist admitting he doesn't have a source? Well played, Borchers. Well played.