Liberal Group With LGBT Co-Founder Aims to Prevent White Men From Running for Office

Ironically, by fighting against the involvement of white men, groups like this one might just encourage more white men to run for office in order to spite the political correctness which urges them not to represent themselves in the political process. Democrats -- and, shocker, Republicans! -- should support good candidates of other races and genders, rather than attempting to tear white men down.

As a straight white cis-gender male, let me tell you: Talk of the "patriarchy" is ten times less motivating than a black, female, or even LGBT candidate who actually articulates values and policy positions we can believe in. People don't necessarily vote for candidates who look like them, but they almost always vote for candidates who think like them.

Teter did have one very good lesson to teach, however. He suggested "listening and asking more, talking less. Asking how you can be helpful rather than telling folks what you think they're doing wrong. Listen. Trust communities that aren't your own to know their own needs."

This is vitally important for both sides -- listen to what other people are saying, even when it goes against what you think about the system of American politics. Maybe the middle-class white men who are dying prematurely in huge numbers are less part of the "patriarchy" and more part of an America just struggling to get ahead. Maybe the American system of self-government was based on self-government and equal rights, not enslavement to white men.

Perhaps people should vote for those who represent their ideas and interests in politics, rather than just their gender or skin color. But don't listen to me on that -- listen to Martin Luther King, Jr.