Liberal Group With LGBT Co-Founder Aims to Prevent White Men From Running for Office

A group of "white men" aimed at preventing straight white men from going to Washington will also hand over the reins to women and minorities when it comes time to actually endorse candidates.

We are 100% serious! We plan to give a handful of Democratic endorsements and (dis)endorsements before the June primaries and November election. Our advisory board of progressive women, LGBTQ folks, and people of color are researching and reviewing all of the potential endorsements and will make final decisions on those candidates by June 2016.

This is a rather odd form of humility: the organization thinks it has the moral authority to ask white men not to run, but that it lacks the authority to encourage women, racial minorities, and LGBT people to actually run for office.

A couple of progressive folks have suggested to Kyle and me that our time would be better spent like, coaching women and LGBT folks and POC about how to run for office better. That’s absurd.

What, we’re going to roll up to EMILY’s List and tell them our brilliant explanation of why their tactics aren’t working because men are still overrepresented in government? Hell no. There’s something missing, and it’s not amazing and qualified women, LGBT folks, or POC candidates. There are men who donate to groups like EMILY’s List and then simultaneously run against the candidates they endorse. Is this about progressive policy? Or is it about ego?

The problem is, CYNP's own data suggest that these women, LGBT, and racial minority candidates ARE missing. If you just convince white men not to run, you will not automatically see more candidates from other groups.

This posture of assumed humility, more than anything else, actually reveals CYNP as an oppressive organization. Their new view of normal white men is nothing more than as fellow travelers for other groups -- the fact that these people do actually represent a large portion of the population does not matter, because their engagement is taken for granted.

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