Why Pro-Trump Conservative Media Should Worry

Months of hearing Limbaugh, THE voice of conservatism, downplay, ignore or somehow spin Trump's antics changed all that. Now, I turn the radio to a competitor. Or I don't turn it on at all.

Twenty-plus years of entrenched behavior? Gone, unlikely to return.

See how that works? And I cannot be alone.

The same holds true for a crush of web sites I used to visit daily, if not more. Story after story of Trump boosterism made them drop off my daily radar. Now, I may follow a Facebook link to one of their articles. That’s about it.

No more trust. No more clicks.

This isn’t about a petty disagreement about candidates. As a conservative, I understand my first, second or even third choice may not emerge as the party’s presidential nominee. I’m an adult.

What I see is media outlets scrambling for New Coke, all the while knowing the public will soon reject it en masse. Did they think we’d forget their coverage? Are they assuming once Trump crashes (to occur either at the Republican National Convention or closer to Election Day), we’ll forget their fawning?

The Republican presidential bench heading into the 2016 campaign couldn’t have been deeper. You had the governor with a strong conservative track record (Walker). The outsider with brains and heart (Dr. Ben Carson). The minority candidate with the All-American life story and a soaring oratory style (Marco Rubio). And what about the most conservative politician around (Ted Cruz)?

Instead, Limbaugh and co. told us, directly or indirectly, that Trump was the best bet yet. They didn’t slam him as a third-rate con man who would get trounced by Hillary Clinton’s attack machine.

In short, they failed us. And I’m making a habit of not forgetting that.

Christian Toto is a freelance writer and editor of HollywoodInToto.com