John Boehner Calls Cruz 'Lucifer in the Flesh,' Praises Obama

Despite the confusion and surprises that have already come in the race, the former speaker predicted one more big reveal. He speculated that surprises could come if Clinton's emails become a larger scandal. "Don't be shocked ... if two weeks before the convention, here comes Joe Biden parachuting in and Barack Obama fanning the flames to make it happen." While the chances that an indictment is coming unfortunately remain small, there is always hope.

As if Boehner's attacks on Cruz and praise for Obama, Sanders, and Clinton were not enough, the former speaker also attacked conservatives who look to Ronald Reagan as a small-government ideologue.

"Well you know I'm a big fan of Ronald Regan," the former speaker said. "But I love all these knuckelheads talking about the party of Reagan. He would be the most moderate Republican elected today."

While the Reagan hagiography has gotten a bit out of hand, it is not likely that the former president would have gone along with George W. Bush and Barack Obama as they increased the size and scope of government. He might have found common ground, but there is evidence he would have struck a hard bargain -- much harder than Boehner did on his way out.