No, Bill Nye, Millennials Are Not All Climate Alarmists

A solid majority of young people agree with the alarmist position, but the evidence is nowhere near Nye's declaration that the skeptics are "all old people." Last March, researchers from Yale and George Mason found that 52 percent of Americans agreed that global warming is "mostly caused by human activities."

While numerous publications treat this statement as "proven fact," it is very close to a scientifically unverifiable position. How can we test whether human involvement has a significant impact on the global climate? There have been huge swings in climate long before the industrial age, and the predictions of climate alarmists have proven wrong time and time again.

So when Bill Nye declares, "These guys are in denial....They ignore all the data," he needs to check his own premises. Ted Cruz does not shy away from discussing the data, and its bias toward the warming hypothesis.

The difficult thing with global climate is that it's hard to prove causality. Even if there is no bias in the warming data, that proves nothing about why the climate is changing. Millennials have good reason to be skeptical, and the data show that a large minority of them doubt this scientific "consensus." After years in left-leaning colleges, I'd say that's quite an achievement.