The Hypocrisy of PayPal's 'Mission and Culture'

PayPal has a regional headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. While North Carolina is ostensibly shaming and embarrassing transgendered people, Turkey takes the issue to a shocking level:

If you’re a transgender woman in Turkey, you’re liable to be arbitrarily arrested, blackmailed by police officers, and violently assaulted while in custody. A report for Pink News found that 89 percent of trans women who had been detained had been assaulted. Trans women are frequently murdered by strangers and the mutilation of their corpses is not uncommon. The murder of homosexuals in honor killings has reached epidemic proportions, and all too often, police officers and the judiciary are reluctant to press charges in the aftermath. LGBT organizations and websites are frequently shut down and Amnesty International has reported that homophobia is prevalent at all levels of society.

Yeah, but let's stick it to North Carolina because they won't let men use the women's bathroom.

PayPal has an office in Chennai, India -- a country where being caught kissing a member of the same sex could get you 10 years in prison.

PayPal has an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where a report by Human Rights Watch states "that transgender persons face arbitrary arrest, physical and sexual assault, imprisonment, discriminatory denial of health care and employment, and other abuses."

And North Carolina denying the use of the women's room to men is as bad as that?

The bottom line is...well, the bottom line. PayPal ignores its "values and principles" in its quests for profits. The same holds true for the rest of corporate America, which undoubtedly will get in line to trash North Carolina while bragging about how tolerant and holy they are.

It's nauseating. Companies have a perfect right to expand wherever they wish. They can even use social justice yardsticks to justify their positions -- just as long as they are consistent across the board when it comes to locating offices overseas. What justification is there for punishing an American state for passing a law inconsistent with what PayPal sees as its values regarding LGBT issues, when the company opens an office in Dubai where gay people are executed?

It would be interesting to hear what PayPal's response to that question would be.