Obama Apologizes to Argentinians for U.S. Support of Junta

U.S. policies during the Cold War were not always in line with our values. In this particular instance, we could have abandoned the junta and allowed a communist dictatorship to come to power. But as we've seen elsewhere, a communist government would have murdered far more than 20,000 people who were killed by the junta and given Moscow a foothold in the Americas. Those were the stakes and, at the time, it didn't seem like a hard choice.

This doesn't make our policy right, or "moral." Our policy was implemented because it was in our interest to do so and the alternative would have created a situation that ran counter to our interests. Sometimes, it is that simple.

If what Obama said makes the people and government of Argentina feel a little better, I have no problem with what he said in the abstract. But if he condemned the brutal regimes he's cozying up to with as much vigor as he criticizes his own country, his actions would resonate even more.


A version of this piece also appeared at The American Thinker