Dems in Panic Over Hillary Candidacy: 'Our Nominee Is a Disaster'

So this is the point where the hard Left and the deeply conservative Right finally meet: in their shared disdain for the what they see as the "neoconservative" stance on foreign policy, which tends to be interventionist, very pro-Israel and in favor of "nation building." It's also why, in the mirror image of the breast-beating we're seeing on the Right, many "progressives" say they'd vote for Trump over Hillary any day. Too bad some candidate can't harness those emotions and bring new voters over to the GOP side...

The problem with Hillary supporters is that they have no concept of hypocrisy.

When a political party knows it can side with Bush on Iraq, evolve on gay marriage all the way until 2013, accept prison lobbyist donations after “apologizing” for mass incarceration, and still expect to rally the faithful and obedient masses in November, then American democracy has a problem.

Also, Trump needs Congress to implement his crazy schemes and nothing he’s spewed can be done unilaterally, aside from war, and he’s less hawkish militarily than Clinton!

I still want to see Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts. I still want to see Clinton’s 22 Top Secret emails that the State Department won’t allow Americans to view, but the Clinton campaign feels is simply over-classification.

Please excuse my loyalty to Bernie Sanders over the political party that’s sided with Republicans on numerous topics, when Sanders wants to address structural issues pertaining to Wall Street and foreign policy.

Preach it.