Judge Napolitano: Hillary Will Be Indicted if AG Loretta Lynch Convenes a Grand Jury


On Hugh Hewitt's radio show last week, Gen. Hayden stopped short of saying he was "certain" the Russians had hacked into Clinton's home brew server, but he did say he "would lose all respect for scores of intelligence services around the world if they did not have all the access they wanted to that server."

The former CIA director said that he would never have been allowed to do such a thing.

"Let’s say that I’m the sinner here. And I had two deputies – Bill Black at NSA and Steve Kappes over at CIA. They, Hugh, would not have let me do this. They would have walked in and said 'Mike, I love you like a brother, this isn’t going to happen.'" He added that "it’s really unfortunate that that didn’t happen at State Department."

Incredibly, Clinton's shoddy email arrangement appears to have been an "open secret" in Washington.