Former FBI Official Red-Flags Troubling Lack of Activity at DOJ Regarding Hillary's Emails

DeSantis asked the following questions:

  1. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was appointed United States Attorney in New York by President Bill Clinton in 1999. Does the Department of Justice consider this a conflict of interest in the context of a federal investigation involving President Clinton’s spouse?
  2. President Obama’s political appointees, including yourself, are being asked to impartially execute their respective duties as Department of Justice officials that may involve an investigation into the activities of the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Does the Department of Justice consider this a conflict of interest?
  3. Would the presidential campaign of an individual quality as an “extraordinary circumstance” in the context of special counsel regulations?
  4. The letter stated that the authority to appoint a special counsel has “rarely been exercised.” Aren’t the current extraordinary circumstances involving the investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server the precise reason the special counsel option exists?
  5. The letter stated that “any investigations related to this referral will be handled by law enforcement professionals and career attorneys.” That being said, will President Obama’s political appointees be privy to the decision to convene a grand jury, prosecute, or seek a federal indictment in this case?

I would make a couple more points that are probably apropos of nothing:

Does the name Kate Duval ring a bell? She was transferred to the State Department from the IRS -- where she was in charge of Lois Lerner's email productions. Last June it was confirmed that the IRS destroyed the tapes with Lois Lerner's emails. Duval has been in charge of Hillary Clinton's email productions at the State Department since last summer.

Obama didn't nominate an official, Senate-confirmed inspector general to oversee the State Department until five months after Clinton had left office. Until then, the spot was held by a temporary “acting” inspector general who was more lap-dog than watch-dog.

Is the fix in?