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Well, That Should Do It: Bob Dole Endorses Jeb Bush

News you can snooze to.

Jeb Bush picked up a highly-touted endorsement Wednesday. Former U.S. senator and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole announced his support of the former Florida Governor.

Announced on Veteran’s Day, Dole will also serve as national veterans chairman for the Bush campaign.

Dole told NBC News that he likes “nearly all” of the candidates, but “we need someone with experience.”

“I have determined that Jeb Bush is the most qualified. Jeb has the proven leadership skills and executive experience needed to fix the problems facing our country – from the anemic economy to America’s weakened standing among world leaders,” Dole further explained in a statement released by the Bush campaign.

This is yet another perfect little snapshot from the Jeb! campaign illustrating the frustration with Republican establishment types. To conservatives in the base, Dole, along with John McCain and Mitt Romney, epitomizes everything that’s wrong with pushing the “most experienced” and “electable” candidate for the nomination. In classic fashion, Team Jeb! is pushing what many view to be a negative as a selling point.

In an election cycle when so many Republican voters are screaming to break up, or at least shake up, the old model, the Bush campaign’s modus operandi seems to revolve around proudly proclaiming that they’ve managed to put a coat of wax on the old model.

That waxy build-up is what’s sinking Jeb’s campaign.

Bob Dole is a great American who deserves respect for so many things but he was never, ever, going to beat an extraordinarily flawed and somewhat vulnerable Bill Clinton in 1996. He was, however, next in line at the GOP Establishment Early Bird Buffet, so he got the nomination.

It’s time for the Dept. of Political Party Health to shut down the Early Bird Buffet for good.