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NATO Flexes Its Muscles, Holds Largest Troop Exercise in 13 Years

“We’re still here!”

U.S. Marines and other NATO troops staged a mock amphibious assault on Europe’s coastline Tuesday as part of the alliance’s biggest exercise in 13 years — an event intended to demonstrate its conventional military muscle and send a message of warning to potential foes.

The Trident Juncture training event being held through November in Portugal, Spain and Italy involves some 36,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen from some 30 countries, with more than 200 aircraft and over 60 ships and submarines.

It’s a show of strength designed to send a message, organizers and analysts say, that NATO possesses the power to deter potential attackers, and it hasn’t forgotten about southern Europe despite pressing concerns about Russia’s activities on the alliance’s eastern border.

Given the pathetic flailing that President Obama continues to mistake for diplomacy, it is probably best that NATO troops be ready for anything.

This exercise is meant to prove that NATO can still deter an attack, which in itself is supposed to be a deterrent. Sadly, the world’s most dangerous bad actors don’t seem to be put off by deterrents these days, even the more credibly threatening deterrents.

Sadly. thanks to last night’s results in Canada, things just got easier for the bad guys.