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Terrorists to Lose Everything Under New Israel Security Measures

Israel’s Security Cabinet has approved several new measures to combat Palestinian violence, and should be issuing more measures today targeted at incitement.

Israeli police have been authorized to block off parts of Jerusalem and demolish the homes of terrorists. In addition, no one will be allowed to rebuild at the sites of those demolished homes.

Terrorists’ property will be confiscated and permanent residency rights will be revoked.

Police forces will be expanded and 300 new security guards will be put on public transportation systems. IDF soldiers will assist police along thoroughfares and will “deploy units in sensitive areas along the security fence in the immediate term,” according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

Netanyahu promised the Knesset yesterday that measures “will be put into practice as quickly as possible”

“Israel will act against the murderers, against those attempting to murder innocent civilians and anyone assisting them. Not only that they will not enjoy their rights, we will make them pay a heavy price. Anyone who raises their hand to harm us – that hand will be cut off. We will use – and I do not hesitate to use all measures at our disposal to restore the quiet to Israel’s cities,” Netanyahu said.

“At the same time, many measures on the ground which have already been implemented will continue in response to the current tide of terrorism. I wish to say to the people of Israel: We are in a battle, this battle concerns all of us and we will face it together. We have withstood tides of terrorism in the past and we overcame them. They did not realize their goal of uprooting us from our land, of destroying our country. They will not realize it this time either. We are focused on our mission to fight against the murderers and inciters, and I am convinced that the actions we will take will make the other side realize that terrorism does not pay. The terrorists will pay a heavy price, and moreover – Israel is strong, and despite their wishes, it will be here forever.”

Netanyahu added a special message for Israeli Arabs: “Do not let yourself be misled by inciters who wish to spark a conflagration in the country.”

“We live together. We believe in coexistence. It is very easy to unravel the bonds that bind us together. Do not be tempted to do so,” he said. “I know that there is a large sector of the public and of public leaders among the Arab citizens in Israel who know exactly what I am talking about. These leaders must find the courage to say these things and stand up to the zealots and extremists. I have called and I call again on every citizen in Israel – harming innocent civilians on either side is prohibited. Israel obeys the rule of law, and those who take the law into their hands will pay the price.”