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Fading Dowager Empress of Chappaqua Repeats Clinton Mantra: 'There's No Evidence!'

Isn’t everybody heartily sick of the Clintons by now? And if not, why not?

Months into her email scandal, Hillary Clinton is still trying to get away with lines like, “There’s no evidence of that.” Oh, and answering questions with laughter. No wonder she keeps falling in the polls — behind a 74-year-old Brooklyn-born socialist in the first two primary states, where more folks are paying attention.

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” last week, she faced questions about the claim by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that she should face criminal charges for using a private email account and server to conduct official State Department business, including emails with highly classified information. Clinton burst into laughter.

She kept up the giggling when asked about the chance that hackers from Russia or China broke into her server to glean national-security secrets. And then gave the lawyerly answer, “There’s no evidence of that.” Well, not yet — the FBI’s only started looking for it, years after the breach might’ve occurred.

The Clintons not only lowered the tone of presidential discourse, but — lawyers both — they reduced morality to a question of legality, with the high standard of proof found in a court of law. But neither morality nor the court of public opinion needs conform to the standard of a federal court (where Bill ended up and where Hillary, if there is a God, will face justice some day), and the power grifters’ long strut upon the media stage is now coming to an end. Like the conclusion of all gangland sagas, they’re going to have to be dragged off, feet first.