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Jim Webb: Socialist Democrats 'Not My Party'

If Jim Webb were running for the Republican nomination, he’d had a real chance:

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb pushed back on “Fox News Sunday” against the Democratic Party’s recent move “far to the left,” arguing that the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders wing of the party is “not my Democratic Party.” Webb told guest host Bret Baier the party “needs to bring working people into the formula.” The latest Democratic candidate in the race added that he’s running because those kind of people “need a voice.”

“The party has moved way far to the left, and that’s not my Democratic Party, but in and of itself. We need to bring working people back into the formula.”

Good luck with that. It’s taken more than 40 years for the Democrats to go full socialist and it’s going to take more than one patriotic Democrat to turn the criminal organization masquerading as a political party around.