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Obama: Canadian Oil That Keystone Would Deliver Super 'Dirty' or Something

Good Lord, this man is an idiot.

“The truth is it’s Canadian oil that’s then going to go to the world market. It will probably create about a couple thousand construction jobs for a year or two, but only create about 300 permanent jobs,” Obama said at a town hall in South Carolina when asked by an attendee about his decision.

“The reason that a lot of environmentalists are concerned about it is the way that you get the oil out in Canada is an extraordinarily dirty way of extracting oil. And, obviously, there are always risks in piping a lot of oil through Nebraska farmland and other parts of the country,” Obama added.

It is worth noting that a responsible, adult president of the United States wouldn’t be dismissive of 300 Americans getting permanent jobs, especially in this economy. That this is coming from a man who reflexively belches the word “infrastructure” as a way to temporarily employ people is doubly ridiculous. By the way, Mr. President: all construction jobs are, by nature, temporary.

As for the dangers of shipping the super dastardly Canadian oil via pipeline, here is a reminder of how the president’s go-to mode of transportation for oil is working out.

Should anyone you encounter question the contention that the current Leader of the Free World is a paste-eating moron based on his Keystone comments alone, you can point out that during the same speech he said that it’s easier to buy a gun than a book or a fresh vegetable in some places.

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