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Three More Guys Who Won't Be President

I’ve said this before, in various places. But here’s Andrew Ferguson, saying it over at the Weekly Standard:

Boy, that didn’t take long. Over the span of a few short days in late January and early February, three members of the top tier of Republican presidential candidates demonstrated why they’ll never be president. They didn’t do anything to disqualify themselves directly, just revealed the traits that will make them appear unsuitable to most voters by the time the campaign really heats up, say, when the presidential election is a mere 18 months away. As it is, all three of them—Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Chris Christie—can pack it in right now and save months of time and tons of money. They’d be doing themselves a favor, and us too.

Couldn’t agree more. Huckabee, who reminds me of no literary character more than Elmer Gantry, has zero chance of getting elected outside of Arkansas and the Protestant part of Louisiana. Rand Paul is the acorn that landed mere centimeters away from the paternal tree. And Christie… well, let’s just say there’s a lot less there than meets the eye, conservative-wise.

Luckily, Mitt Romney has seen the light, or lack of it, at the end of the fundraising tunnel and is gone. And we can only pray that Jeb Bush finally lives up to his family’s own self-inflated sense of “service” to the country, does the right thing, and walks away, sparing himself both conservative obloquy and eventual electoral humiliation. With Scott Walker and Ted Cruz in the field, the GOP has far better choices.