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Meet the Genius/Whackjob/Artist Behind 'Dumb Starbucks'

I could write another post about how lawless Obama’s constant re-writing of law without regard for the text of said law is. It is lawless, and it does threaten the foundations of the republic — Charles Krauthammer and Jonathan Turley, one conservative, the other liberal, agree on that. It sets a horrible precedent for future presidents to rule by fiat. It is a violation of the spirit and purpose of the Constitution. Barack Obama is getting away with it because, as I’ve written before, he has hacked the Constitution. I’m not alone in understanding that Obama has hacked the Constitution — conservative Rush Limbaugh and liberal Daniel Ellsberg agree on that.

I could write about all that again. I could write about it until the FCC moves in to crush political speech — they were studying how to do that until their study became public. I could write about that until the IRS comes down on all dissenters against the Democrats like a ton of auditors.

Or I could post a video from Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Nathan Fielder. He’s the guy behind “Dumb Starbucks,” the art gallery/coffee shop that will probably get him landed in a jail cell next to Ray Nagin, the mayor without a political party.