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VIDEO -- Chris Matthews Says He'll Ask Obama 'Easy' Questions on MSNBC Today

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am to learn that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews plans to ask President Obama some “easier” questions tonight.

Matthews even telegraphs the specific thrust of the questions he will ask: “For example, voter suppressions efforts in 36 states by Republicans.”

By which he means voter ID laws, which are favored by 70% of Americans and which in Texas have proven not to suppress the vote at all. Facts don’t matter. “Voter suppression” is a Democrat dog whistle.

Barack Obama has to be the biggest coward ever to occupy the White House. His poll numbers are diving thanks to his own policy wrecks. He is intentionally hurting millions of Americans, and he lied to get himself into the position to be able to do that. He insists that as long as he is president, he will not change what he is doing no matter how many he hurts. He lies about Republicans not having healthcare plans — they do, and he knows it. Rather than admit any wrongdoing or change course an inch, he’s going to the left’s favorite trope, raise the minimum wage, and heading off to their comfort food network MSNBC to be interviewed in front of adoring college students by the network’s most notorious remaining fan of his (others having recently talked themselves out of jobs there).

Matthews, ever the shameless Democrat stooge, is providing nothing but a chance for Obama to engage in PR. It’s propaganda, straight, no chaser.

The show is called Hardball, Matthews. I guess that’s just an inside joke or something.

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