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Young Women Are Driving Record Firearm Sales

This article in the Colorado Daily Camera is fantastic, but it’s missing something.

The Well Armed Woman — their slogan is “Where the Feminine and Firearm Meet” — advertises stylish purses designed for concealed carry.

Another online retailer, Pistols & Pumps — “Concealed and High Heeled” — offers pink camouflage hats and bra-mounted holsters. — the name, apparently, is sufficient — sells a variety of “gun bling,” including leopard-print handgun grips and zebra-print ear protection.

Such items may seem odd to some, but these retailers understand their customer base — a group of young, strong, determined and armed women. And just because their bullets may be fired from pistols with rhinestone-studded grips doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

These women are among a growing population of gun owners who fiercely fight for their right to own and carry a gun for self-protection.

“A woman with pepper spray is smart, a woman who takes self-defense is prepared, but a woman with a gun is scary,” said Rachael Makowski, a 25-year-old nanny in Westminster, Colo. “And when it comes down to my life or theirs, I want them to be just as afraid of me as I am of them.”

Self-reported gun ownership — among both men and women in the U.S. — is the highest it has been since 1993.

At the same time that the Democrats are trying and trying again to make “gun control” — making it harder to buy and own your own gun — a winning political issue for them. If only there was a political party out there that was a) pro gun rights and b) smart enough to use its support of gun rights to win over young female voters. Wouldn’t that be nice? If such a world existed, I would very much like to live in it.

At any rate, as I mentioned, the article is fantastic and I recommend reading the whole thing. It profiles what might be called archetypes of today’s female gun owner: the teacher, the students, the cheerleaders — gun owners all. What it lacks is this ad, to show how a gun might be used for self-defense.

It also lacks visual examples of women who own guns.

At PJ Media, we’re here to help. Consider it a public service.

So here’s Shelbie Murry. She’s a Houston Texans cheerleader.


The Texans are losers this year, but Shelbie Murry isn’t.

She likes guns. Long guns.



And hand guns.



So there’s our cheerleader. The teacher is a little harder to find.

Cheryl Torrenueva isn’t exactly a teacher. Sort of. She’s a designer on the cable show Restaurant: Impossible. She teaches restaurant owners how to update their drab spaces.


Let’s take a look at her blog. Hm. What’s this?



She says she got that from Urban Outfitters. I’ve seen those at gun shows.

Whatever she has in that case, I’m betting that it didn’t come from Urban Outfitters.



Not only is Cheryl Torrenueva one of the hottest interior designers on TV…I think she likes guns. And she’s a pretty good shot.

So there’s our cheerleader and our teacher. We need students.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure that Nikki Jones isn’t a student. I’m also pretty sure that I don’t care.



Jennifer Lawrence was playing a student in this movie. Close enough?