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President Obama Declines to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

Moments ago, President Obama surrounded himself with human props and touted anecdotes meant to show how wonderful Obamacare is. I’d say that this is not a repeat of the last time he did that, but it basically was. His go-to move when things get tough is not to get going, but to get talking.

The president spoke briefly about the website, declaring that it’s working better for the “vast majority of users” and that Obamacare won’t be repealed “as long as I am president” despite the fact that a majority never wanted this law in the first place. Unfortunately he did not follow that up with “So, effective immediately, I am resigning.”

He claimed to check in on the site “every day” to make sure that it’s working better. That begs the question, why did he not do that before its launch? Why has he not done that since? Just what does he do all day?

Tellingly, President Obama has not signed up for Obamacare himself despite his pledge to do so. If he intended to lock in his claim that is really working better, he could have halted today’s speech, logged onto a computer and signed up for Obamacare himself. But he didn’t do that. That would have blown his critics right out of the water.

Maybe he didn’t do that because the site really isn’t getting customer information to insurers yet. Maybe he didn’t do it because is not secure and he didn’t want to compromise his and his family’s personal information. Can’t blame him for that.

But he encouraged Americans to use the site, and tell others to use the site. Which isn’t secure, and still doesn’t work.

So, what was today’s little speech all about?